welcome to Talent Academy

Sanja Jovanovic leads the charge in showing companies and individuals just how simple it is to improve their presentations… from ‘Boring to Brilliant’!!

We all know there is a world of difference between speaking and communicating. And I’m sure we’ve all heard that age old statement “It’s not WHAT you said, it’s HOW you said it”.

At Talent Academy, we work on the ‘how’ and our training is tailor made to the clients’ needs. Using performing arts training techniques, our Speak Easy program is a must have in every corporate office Professional Development Plan.

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  • Introduction to Public Speaking

    Identify styles of presentations, presentation tools, modes of communication and your own skill identification arw

  • Story Telling 101

    The key to engaging an audience – how to tell good stories and make it memorable arw

  • First Impressions

    From dress sense to hand shake, greetings to open questioning – how to make a good impression arw