Hand In Hand – Vertical Insanity Circus

Show – “Hand in Hand” by Vertical Insanity Circus

Venue – Empyrean at Gluttony

5 stars

Vertical Insanity Circus is obviously an emerging professional group of young performers with a promising future. Their performance skills are not limited just to their abilities in their own particular circus acts, but Hand in Hand was as successful as it was, due to their ability to create a story line through tension, character development and audience engagement.

Picture an open aired theatre where the trapeze is rigged to back of a large red truck and birds and a blue horizon are the skyline. The 6 performers emerge – all with distincly different characters – & the development of friendship and comradery is conveyed through funny and awkward gestural acting. It made me think; how do we make friends? It is all rather an awkward process.

The scenes proceeding followed the characters getting to know each other – exploring all those moments in relationships and group mentality that feel clumsy and vulnerable – while demonstrating their excellent circus and dance abilities. They physically and quite visually showed these moments, by incorperating different coloured paints, smearing them on to each during extremely impressive partner acrobatics, to show the ‘marks we leave on each other’ when we are in relationships.

2 acts which particularly stood out, were Alex Charman’s solo number on the trapeze demonstrating strength, flexibility and obvious ease in her work. The second the juggler Maggie Rusak, whose abilities to “keep it cool” while juggling up to 6 balls infront of her and behind her back were very impressive indeed.

Overall the work’s message seemed to speak about our vulnerabilites as people and the way we influence each other simply by being in each other’s lives.

Vertical Insanity Circus – https://www.verticalinsanitycircus.com

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