Individual and Group Workshops – Effective Communication Training

Job Ready Program – Master the Interview

The Entrepreneurs Program – Pitching to Win

China Communication Program – Coaching for International Students and Children

MC – Planning and Hosting of Corporate and Charity Functions

Speak Easy Program – 10 Module Public Speaking Workshop for Keynote Speakers

Talent Academy’s “Speak Easy” program is a full 10 week course, running for one hour per week ideally. Intensive sessions can be arranged for a full day workshop or half day professional development course. Otherwise, choose a module that suits you best as each topic is a standalone session and you’ll get the most of what you need.

Pick from the modules listed below:

1 – Introduction to Public Speaking: Identify styles of presentations, presentation tools, modes of communication and your own skill identification

2 – Story Telling 101: The key to engaging an audience – how to tell good stories and make it memorable

3 – First Impressions: From dress sense to hand shake, greetings to open questioning – how to make a good impression

4 – Winning with an Elevator Pitch: Learn how to script your elevator pitch and accurately describe what you do in 30 seconds

5 – The Power of Pause: Using performing arts techniques – learning how to present ideas so that people absorb and remember it

6 – Vocal Dynamics: Vocal care is key – learn how to use your voice and practical exercises that calm your nerves every time

7 – Space and Visual Noise: How to create an engaging space and memorise palm card points by using stage and space

8 – Non-verbal Communication: The power of non-verbal communication and body language – what you should and shouldn’t do

9 – Effective Q&A: How to manage a Q&A session, get the most out of it and debate well

10 – Conflict Resolution: Learn how to manage difficult conversations confidently and win at resolving issues with good communication