The Displaced

Show – The Displaced

Venue – Tandanya Theatre


1/2 – 4.5 stars

The expectation of a cast with an average age of 19 in circus lends itself to something completely different to what ‘The Displaced’ by Time in Space Circus produced – in a very positive and exciting ‘wow that was awesome’ kind of way!

This group of 7 performers from both Canberra and Adelaide are intelligent, quirky, extremely skilled with developed stage presence. Their musicality was mature and very considered within their choreography – and in fact their movement was very well directed to the music, with strong consideration for focal points of attention. The audience was always seemlessly guided to pay attention to what was important to watch.

The work was simply about exploring movement and emotion – and the quirks in between. While there was character development, there was no text, which created creative tension and intrigue. Who are these characters and what do they want from each other? It seemed to speak of the interconnected social web we have with one another as human beings, that is forever growing.

Each performer was versitile and excellent in the forms of juggling, partner and group acrobatics, trapeze, hoops, contemporary dance and popping and locking. Most notably, one of the the acrobats, Hamish McCourtney, developed 90% of the music and performed a lot of the score live on his keyboard while also performing many acrobatic acts. The vibe was electronic circus with small hints of classical music.

Notably these performers know how to make the audience laugh too! They had many acts that had everyone in hysterics.

With 3 performances left in the Adelaide Fringe, you should definitely check out these young talented Physical Theatre/Circus performers at Tandanya Theatre.

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