Under The Covers – Volume 2

Show – “Under The Covers – Volume 2”

Venue – Empyrean at Gluttony



Absolutely enthralling! Every aspect captured the attention – from the aerial silks to the sock puppets, comic set transitions to spectacular outfit changes mid-air – every part kept us engaged. The playlist of music was absolutely perfect for the theme, elegant and enchanting. A simple set design created a space for the imagination to run wild and especially to keep the attention focussed on the powerful physical performance by the artists. The audience all seemed really engaged with regular applause and gasps, this family friendly show was a delight to be part of. As an audience, we’ve developed a thorough appreciation for the challenge each performer put themselves through for our entertainment… And entertaining would be an understatement.

Peering under the covers, we saw behind the scenes of the actor’s stories, into their personal experiences with their art form and how their bodies communicated strong messages for us as an audience. Although the title might have suggested some adult content, it was simply an elegant display of talent behind the social curtain we’re accustomed to seeing. We learned that some of the performers were students which made the show even more amazing to witness. Classes are available through Zigzag Circus in Adelaide – we highly recommend the classes as tonight was their last show for the season of Fringe. We’ll be going to their classes for sure! Look out for the Zigzag Circus throughout the year and at next year’s Fringe – they’re sure to impress!

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