Fuego Carnal

Show: Fuego Carnal – Dream State Entertainment

Venue: Empyrean at Gluttony


– 4 stars

Since Fuego is Spanish for ‘fire’, I expected a pretty epic show… and wasn’t disappointed at all! What a great show, really well worth the price of admission. Standouts were the graceful and beautiful Ice Queen who dazzled the crowd while gliding elegantly around a small ice circle as well as being launched far into the air; the unbelievably flexible Ninja – her last achievement with a bow and arrow was an absolute highlight (we won’t give away too much, make sure you watch the show). The infectious energy and fire-spinning entertainment of Steve Xtremo – fire, circus, ice queen, physical theatre – a combination of brilliant and engaging acts that mesmerised the crowd.

The team made the most of the very packed open-centred big tent, and everyone left with a big smile on their face… including one very lucky man who was invited to step onto the stage! Audience participation always creates an engaging vibe – even more so when the stage act is so impressive.

If you’re looking for something amazing, funny, and at times scary (and, in a good way, a little uncomfortable) then make sure you check out Fuego Carnal at this year or next year’s Fringe – we sure hope they’ll be back next year because we’d love to see this again in future.

Reviewed by Matt Anderson

Details: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/fuego-carnal-af2018

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