Maestro – 3rd Annual National Impro Games

Show – Maestro – 3rd Annual National Impro Games

Venue – Gallery Room at The National Wine Centre


– 5 Stars

If you’ve ever seen ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ and loved it, you’ll absolutely LOVE this show. Showcasing local talent as well as amateurs in theatre, this show proves to be my favourite event during Adelaide Fringe… by far. This is the first year that the Impro Games is held at The National Wine Centre – it seems to be a good venue although I’d recommend next year that the event is held somewhere with tiered seating as you don’t want to miss a thing happening on the players stage.

Each performer is given a number and the two directors have a hat full of ping pong balls with numbers allocated to them. As each number is drawn, the player gets on the stage and discovers their fate on the spot. Various scenes, challenges and hilarious complexities are given to the players on the spot. I was pleasantly surprised to see how interactive the show was with audience participation for the scene suggestions. The whole front row as full of eager children who loved getting involved and the audience as a whole laughed the entire show. Admittedly, my sides hurt by the end of the night and I absolutely loved it! The best part is that this show is arranged by On The Fly – An Adelaide based theatre company running courses throughout the year, teaching improvised theatre. Many players in this show were participants of the On The Fly program so although many players were amateurs, the standard of improvisation and comedy unleashed on stage would closely rival the seasoned performers involved in Whose Line Is It Anyway. This event is so good that I’m coming back this weekend!

A family friendly affair with a great intermission break, it is well worth the ticket price and shows the quality of training coming from On The Fly in Adelaide. Whether you’re new to comedy or an avid fan, this show will not disappoint! The last two nights are March 2nd and 3rd – make sure you get there, bring some friends or kids and consider trying out On The Fly for yourself during the year. Prepare to laugh… a lot.

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