Masterclass with The Kagools

Event – Masterclass with The Kagools
Venue – The Mill, Adelaide

– 4 stars

With just the right balance of quirk and fun, this workshop proved to be an emotional release and incredible experience! The Kagools team are a brilliant duo, fantastic not only in their craft but also their ability to connect with people and allow them to release their inner silliness in a safe space.

Although this particular workshop attracted experienced artists, musicians and actors, I can see how much value it would add to anyone looking to connect with their bodies more and develop their interpersonal communication skills. Each activity was clearly explained, feedback was delivered in a positive and supportive manner so each participant of the workshop felt empowered and engaged even more as the day went on. Showcasing amazing talent from around the world, it really did spark interest in everyone’s shows so I look forward to checking them all out soon.

Based on this workshop, I highly recommend future workshops by The Kagools and appreciate The Mill for hosting such an awesome event. Looking forward to see The Kagools stage show soon!

The Kagools –

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