Talent Academy

Founded by seasoned performer Sanja Jovanovic, Talent Academy has over 20 years’ experience on stage and on screen, as well as coaching and training speakers and leaders in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, China and Denmark.

Giving you the give the tools, tricks, and techniques that have always brought your performances to life and to cure stage fright through theatrical techniques.

Hit the mark in environments and contexts that are unfamiliar to you, perhaps facing an audience or journalist, maybe a screen or interview, gain the confidence to present in any setting.

You might:

  • be an academic facing a TED talk, who secretly wants to be a YouTube sensation.
  • be a leader who knows that your team could do incredible things with a bit of something extra.
  • be pitching to investors for the first time, as you scale your business.
  • want to know how to be graceful, charming and fantastic, while under fire from an investigative journalist.

No matter which scenario you find yourself in, you’ll be able to get yourself on stage without fear, building keynotes and presentations that stick.

Sanja Jovanovic

It is important for you to perfect public speaking to advance your career?

You might believe that because you’re introverted you can’t perform.  You might also think that some people ‘have it’, and some people don’t.  That performing requires some kind of inner fire, some pizazz, a spark that you just don’t have.

It’s not true.

Teaching stage-frozen to glow with confidence, whether that is leaders standing confidently whilst under fire from the media, or young people understanding how to handle themselves in the face of new opportunities, one of a kind coaching sessions will enable you to develop new capabilities.

Awards include mentor of the year for Startup Adelaide in 2017, finalist in Small Business Awards, Minister for Trade and Skills 2018, you might know me as an enthusiastic, bright woman who loves being social, and who is happy in the spotlight.

But I’ll tell you a secret: I learned how to be this way.

A natural introvert curling up on the couch with a book, the world firmly locked outside my door, was a favorite activity.  As a child, I would stand in the corner, all by myself, rather than talk to anyone.  When pushed into theatre by my parents, it was the best thing that ever happened to beginning a whirlwind career, of over 20 years on stage or in the spotlight.  From professional dance, to musical theatre, to hosting sports TV shows and coaching TED speakers, you might ask how did this girl master stage fright?

Learning the tools, tricks, and techniques that allow you to bring any performance to life no matter what situation you are in, you’ll know exactly how to command it.

Make contact and we can work on discovering the magic that you need to command almost any situation with confidence, ease, and grace.