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Sanja is an experienced and engaging communicator with a rich background in performing arts and theatre. From her ballet experience to musical theatre, she has spent over 20 years on stage in some theatrical capacity. More recently, her qualifications in business management, as well as a wide range of entrepreneurial courses and mentor programs, has been the launchpad for her venture, Talent Academy. Sanja delivers a public speaking program to equip individuals with the skills to communicate more effectively and engage audiences. Whether it’s a stage anxiety or simply that the message isn’t cutting through, effective communication is a vital skill for any business professional. Her company, Talent Academy, brings a 10 module coaching program to various groups across Adelaide in a meaningful and engaging way. She brings extensive stage and theatre experience to her craft as she has improved the communication skills of senior engineers at ASC through to investors in China and more recently she has joined the team at TEDx Adelaide as the Speaker Coach.

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